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Working with the Finance Industry to recognise the wider risks affecting your portfolios through your customers’ impacts on the environment and people and the growing threat from Climate Change.  But it’s not all about risk, these issues also provide great opportunities.

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What We Do


One size does not fit all!

At BSL we work with you to understand your business and ensure that solutions are tailored to meet your unique circumstances. We help you to engage with your Board and Senior Management to gain buy-in for the journey.


With this understanding of your business and needs, we are able to work with you to develop Policies that reflect the risks you face and the business opportunities you seek. These can be an over-arching policy and/or policies to cover specific industries where you have a significant portfolio exposure.

At BSL we believe that the identification of these risks should, as far as possible, not be a “bolt-on” to existing credit risk identification procedures but should be integrate with existing processes. This helps both your front-line teams and your Risk Managers to recognise the impacts of environmental, social and climate change risks within the wider context of credit risk. We also recognise that systems platforms are all different and therefore any toolkits need to be developed to meet your specific needs.


Training of staff is one of the most fundamental requirements in Financial Institutions.  At BSL we recognise this and aim to help you integrate training around environmental, social and climate change issues into existing programmes where at all possible.

Training programmes can be tailored to meet your needs from short awareness seminars for the Board and Senior Management at the top end to one or more day workshops for the front line, analysts and risk professionals.

Our programmes include:

Senior Executive Seminar (1 hour to half day)

Without the buy-in and drive of the Senior team, nothing will happen in an institution. This hard talking seminar aims to spell out the “Case for Sustainability”? “Why should we embrace it, it’s all cost and no upside, isn’t it”? What is the impact on the bottom line from action versus non-action? What do we, the Board and Senior Executive team, need to do to create the atmosphere to bring our business up to speed?

Management ( half day seminar/workshop)

This follows the Senior Executive programme but looks more deeply at the actions that need to be taken. It aims to answer the questions:

What are we aiming to achieve?

What do we need to do in relation to:

How do we create the right structure in our organisation?

What policy and procedure do we need to develop?

How do we measure success?

Front-line, Analysts and Risk (one to two day workshop)

These are hands-on workshops aimed at equipping key staff to be able to deliver on the new policies and procedures when assessing customer risk and opportunity. As such, this programme is designed for up to a maximum of 20 attendees at a time to ensure that there is plenty of time for inter-action. The programme uses case studies taken from international experience and from the local market to help participants recognise the key risks and benefits offered by a specific set of circumstances or business opportunities.

We believe that Sustainability should not be seen as a “bolt on” to your tried and tested credit risk assessment procedures but should form a part of this analysis. Thus we look to ensuring that participants leave the workshop with a clear understanding of how their existing credit risk assessment practices can be used to assess sustainability risk as well. It’s all about “knowing your customer” and understanding all the issues that impact their performance both positively (business opportunities) and negatively (risk identification). This makes for better customer relationships and hopefully a positive contribution to the bottom line for both the customer and bank.

Train the Trainer Programmes (one to two day workshops)

At the end of the day our customers need to take responsibility for their own destiny and that means taking responsibility for on-going training. The train-the-trainer programme aims to equip your in-house training staff to be able to deliver the front line training programme to ensure continuity. The programme follows the workshop described above but also looks to develop a greater understanding of the underlying issues and pressures resulting from environmental, social and climate change risks. This will ensure that in-house trainers are well equipped to provide an informative workshop rather than just “following the slides”.